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The Lost Art of Volume Lashing

An online DIY course to master the art of pinching to create beautiful, perfect fans and enhance your volume skills.

You've taken a volume course... maybe two..

but are still confused on what method you should be using.

You've been taught 4,5, or 6 different methods but haven't mastered one because you think you need more than one method perfected in order to become a volume 'master'. 

Girl, let me tell you - I know how you feel. There are so many different techniques out there (Bouquet, Bordeaux, on-the-strip, stacking, crystallizing.. just to name a few) and there are brands that make you feel you are not an adequate lash artist if you don't know a particular method! When I decided to become a lash trainer, I knew I didn't want to confuse my students with methods that I haven't even mastered. I wanted to teach the skill that I use EVERYDAY.

For me, that method was "Pinching"

which I consider a lost art because I don't see a lot of artists practicing it anymore!


I have worked on and perfected two pinching methods of making fans so it is the ONLY method I teach my students, and each one has graduated to pinching-fan-making MASTER!

In this program ONLY, I am taking my exclusive volume training & manual I reserve for my one-on-one students, and turning it into an online DIY volume course!

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Volume Basics!

  • History of volume, the difference between Russian, Mega, Dramatic, etc. 

  • Key tips & techniques to help set you apart in your volume practice

  • Improving your volume skills to attract your dream clients

Learn TWO Pinching Methods! 

  • Thumb & Forefinger - Creating flawless fans in your fingers! No complicated rolling! 

  • Knuckle Pinching - Perfect fans, every time! Takes some work, but worth every second. 

Volume Extras!

  • The tips and Techniques I use daily in my lash practice to keep me successful and clients coming back!

  • Weights, Brand vs Brand, Wrapping and Lash Health!

  • My coveted Retention Tips I include in all my programs and trainings + 5 extra Q&A trainings!

5 In-Depth Video Tutorials!

  • Close up views for Thumb & Forefinger and Knuckle pinching

  • Dipping your fan, correct adhesive, demonstration of adhesive travelling!

  • Application - Wrapping around the natural lash, the 'Wiggle' or 'Shimmy' technique

Are you ready to take your volume practice to another level?


Lashes are my passion, and I wouldn't be the successful lash Queen I am if I wasn't confident in my skills and knowledge. I wouldn't have returning clients and I wouldn't have been able to build my own lash empire without it! My volume skills are a HUGE part of my lash practice and I can confidently say I am an EXPERT in my volume practice.

There are a lot of theories about who/when/where pinching began. And I can't give you a straight answer either (Trust me, I have looked). What I can tell you is my training was taught by a Russian lash artist out of New York who introduced "Pinching" to my world. She started out in this hole-in-the-wall studio 10 years ago, and now has a 7-figure business with several location across NYC.

Pinching is my go-to method and I have developed and perfected two methods that help me create amazing, perfect fans every time. I am faster than some artists who fan on the strip, or do the bouquet methods - and I honestly believe pinching, when perfected, is a fundamental key in speed. 

I only teach the pinching method in my private trainings,

and all my students now use pinching as their

main volume method..

This program designed to help you take your volume skills to a whole new level, arming you with the tools and knowledge to continue building your business and make money!!

Your goals are attainable. Your dreams are achievable. Believe it, and your success is inevitable. 

Volume can be frustrating! But I know you - you're not ready to throw in the towel.


You're committed to doing whatever it takes to be the highly skilled & sought-after volume lash artist in your city.

You're just not sure what your next step should be or what method will work for you.

How are we supposed to master volume lashing if we don't know what technique to use??

Babe, I get it.

I spent $2200 on a one-day volume course that taught ONE method.... and I don't even use it because it was slow, inefficient and I became frustrated.

Volume seemed like a distant dream at one point.

With pinching, I am able to achieve more consistent, even fans, tapered and thin bases, that help me create flawless, fluffy lash sets!

Pinching is not just for beginners! I am considered an expert in dramatic and mega volume and I only use the pinching method.


When you find the one, PERFECT IT! 

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 7.51.31 AM.png

admired her work so much! She truly is a lash queen. I found her training thorough, and thoughtful, she was truly interested in ensuring that I felt like I had received the best information I could! Her materials are excellent and her line of tweezers are the best! I can't lash without them, I would HIGHLY recommend FantaSea for any lash training.

- Sam W


"I took my volume training with Miss. Amber because I

I started my lash training with a local esthetic school thinking that would be my best option as it's a school.  I took my classic lash training with them and found it wasn't that great and the teacher had a hard time even doing demos. However, I continued lashing the way I was taught at the school, not knowing any better. I was left with lots of questions and was not wanting to take my volume training with the school. Instead, I looked for a private trainer and I found Amber. She was a fabulous trainer and took the time to essentially teach an entirely new technique. Amber went over the classic technique with me along with Volume.....I learned so much from her and basically doubled my clientele since. She is a wonderful person and trainer. I can reach out to her any time with questions I may have and she will gladly answer. I highly recommend Amber!!

-Danyelle B



Normally, I offer this training to my private students
in my studio for $950, but I am releasing this course online as a DIY program at a
VERY discounted price!

Your Investment:

One payment for lifetime access to exclusive training and content for only: $276 USD 

$97 USD

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Meet Your Volume Expert


My name is Amber Young and I am a Luxury Lash Artist and Lash Master who helps frustrated and struggling lash artists hone their lash skills and build Lash Queen confidence to help elevate their lash knowledge and business

I began to pursue a lash career in late 2014 and immediately found myself falling in love with the industry. I quickly built up my clientele and started gaining confidence in my skills. After about a year of lashing, three certifications under my belt and lots of money spent, I was still frustrated about the lack of clarity surrounding volume and mastering techniques to become the skillful and sought-after business owners we all desire to be. I decided to begin researching on my own about techniques, tools, procedures and practices in the volume lash industry that are instrumental in making a lash artist successful!

I've since created my own detailed lash curriculum for classic and volume training, focusing on lash foundations to ensure my students leave armed with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their lash business. I continue to maintain a full-time lash clientele and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills and sharing those skills with my lash students because I'm passionate about uplifting and raising the standards in the lash community. I have successfully launched a 4-week program to help lash artists up-level their skills and knowledge for a confident and successful lash business, a hugely popular lash confidence bundle, and am now so excited to launch this volume program!

What happens next ?


After completing payment, you'll be sent an email with all of the links and information to access your Lost Art of Volume training! Keep this email in a sage place so you have all the info to continue to go back and refer to the materials - they're yours forever!


Be sure to add amber@lashqueenuniversity.com to your safe senders and join the Facebook group,

Confessions of a Lash Queen for further support!

​The Lost Art of Volume training is a DIY package, meaning you're free to use and implement the information provided in whatever way you see fit. Model it, customize it, make it your own or don't-- it's up to you!

If you utilize these trainings fully and take the advice, tips, tricks & strategies to heart,

they will have a substantial and life-changing impact on your skills, business, clientele & income for years to come.

"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards that goal."


Submit application form below, along with fees a week prior to the starting date of your program. (All new batch starting dates are mentioned below for reference). If you wish to pay in instalments kindly get in touch with our team over call or meet them during office hours at the studio. Kindly scan and email application forms to studio@nrityashakti.com. Please note Nritya Shakti does not accept incomplete applications.


Early Bird Prices 3 months: 42,480/- 6 months: 82,305/- 12 months: 1,61,995/- Full Price: 3 months: 47,200/- 6 months: 91,450/- 12 months: 1,79,950/- Please note: All prices are inclusive of 18% GST


Payment can be made online via Net Banking, UPI, Debit/Credit cards and Wellet on the pay now option mentioned on the page. Kindly take a screenshot or print your payment receipt and share with our admin team to confirm your amoumt and payment. ​​ ​Please note: - We do not take cash payments at the studio. - The fees can be paid in instalments. All fees is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Q. Who will take the classes? A. Classes are taught by our diverse in-house faculty, each style has a specialised teacher for it. Every weekend there is an additional Masterclass taught by a guest faculty and every month an Industry Insight Seminar is conducted with Shakti Mohan. Q. What is the fees of the program? A. Fees- 1month: Rs 15,000; 3 months: Rs 40,000; 6 months: Rs 77,500;
12 months: Rs 1,52,500 *Prices are exclusive of taxes Q. What are the timings?
A. Timings of the program are flexible, since its a design your own program model. Timings vary as per choices made by students. Primarily on weekdays classes start at 2:15pm and end by 9pm and on weekends we start at 10am and end at 8:15pm. Schedule for all classes is attached below. Q. Where will the classes take place? A. Nritya Shakti Studio, 602 & 603 Shri Sai Corporate Park, Bangur Nagar, Goregaon west, Mumbai. Q. Will we get certificate for the program? A. Yes, ITP is a certificate program. On the last day of the program all students will get a certificate provided they have finished 85% of their classes. Q. What dance styles will be taught?
A. Students design their own program and choose 10 classes from 28 in a week. Within these 28 classes 17 different styles are taught. To know about all styles and faculty kindly download the schedule attached to this page. Q. Can we pay in instalments? A. Yes, you can. Our program administrators can guide you with all instalment options kindly reach out to them on 9702662960 or studio@nrityashakti.com. Q. Can we drop-in or do half of the program?
A. No drop-ins allowed. Intensive Training Program is a professional training program so it is essential that you come prepared and give your training highest priority. You can join the program for a minimum of one month, however its recommended to join for 3 months for best results. Q. Where will the last performance/showcase be conducted? A. Nritya Shakti Studio Q. What are the benefits of the program? A. ITP because:
1. You get to learn from our highly trained and qualified in-house faculty.
2. More than 60 hours of training in a month
3. Weekly seminars and master classes covering different aspects of professionalism
4. On-going Faculty Mentoring
5. Performance and choreography experience through monthly presentations.
6. Certificate at the end of the program
7. Training available in 21 dance styles under one roof
8. Design your own program as per your level and interests
9. Networking opportunities 10. Industry Insight Seminar with Shakti Mohan every month.
Q. How can we pay the fees for the program? A. Fees can be paid via bank transfer, cheque or online (Debit card/ Credit card/ UPI) Q. Can we apply even if we haven’t learned dance at all? A. Intensive Training Program is for all level of dancers. Students design their own program hence they can choose classes as per their level and experience. At the same time dancers with professional training will find many options to support their progress. We accept applications from students and teachers at varying levels. We look for applicants with a strong desire to train intensively and to work hard to achieve their goals. While no previous formal training is specifically required, we have found that absolute beginners have difficulty building a curriculum at our studios, and would suggest gaining a modicum of experience before applying. Q. What is the address of the studio?
A. Address: Nritya Shakti Studio
602 and 603, Shri Sai Corporate Park,
Opp. Laxmi Nagar Industrial Estate,
Bangur, Nagar, Goregaon West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104, India (Available on Google Maps) Q. How can we connect with you?
A. Contact numbers: 9702662960/ 022-28711281
Email id: studio@nrityashakti.com Q. What if we miss a class?
A. There is no compensation of a missed class. If students fail to complete 10 classes in a week due to unavoidable reasons, they can write an email at studio@nrityashakti.com for extension. Under which they are allowed to carry forward their classes till the end of their program validity. However only one extension is allowed in a month. Q. Do you provide scholarships? A. With master classes, student advising, mentoring, and ITP staffing, tuition represent a discounted rate, and so scholarships are not available for ITP students. Q. Is there any discount on the fees?
A. No discount is available on the course fee. Q. Is there any age limit for the program? A. Students who are 12 years or above can apply for the program. Q. Do you provide accommodation? A. We do not provide accommodation but provide recommendation. One such list is mentioned on the page below. Q. Are there any opportunities after completing 6months or a year in the Program? A. During and after the program, students get masterclasses every weekend and several opportunities are presented to students present excellent during the course. We love to stay connected with all our program students and offer work/performance/choreography opportunities as and when they come. Students also get to network with 28 members of our faculty during their training period, who are very well established and integrated in the dance world. They often reach out to students for work opportunities. Q. How do we select our 10 classes in a week? A. Classes are divided into the following categories:

  • Concentration: 5 classes in a style students wish to major or focus on
  • Diversity: 3 classes in any style apart from their concentration
  • Compulsory: 1 Ballet, a compulsory classical technique class
  • Open class: Any 1 class of your choice
Within these categories students can make their choice from our open schedule, depending on their training and interests we also provide indivdual placement sessions to absolute beginner students. Q. Can we extend our program once joined? A. Yes, you can extend. There is an administrative fee Rs 800 to extend your program. The program administrator can provide you with further details on extensions.

Batch Dates 2022

1. 11th October 2021 Showcase: 9th January 2022 2. 10th January 2022 Showcase: 3rd April 2022 3. 4th April 2022 Showcase: 26th June 2022 4. 27th June 2022 Showcase: 18th September 5. 19th September 2022 Showcase: 11th December 2022 6. 12th December 2022 Showcase: 12th March 2023

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