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Falling in Love with your Adhesive

Everything you need to know about your lash adhesive and how to use it!

Slay your lash game, Queen!


An adhesive training bundle like no other!
Everything you've wanted to know about your lash glue and more!



Exothermic Reaction...

These aren't really terms you think of when you are thinking of lash extensions, but they are actually super important! Every lash artist should know their tools inside and out, but the one tool I've noticed isn't covered in detail in lash certifications is our adhesive! This is the magical liquid that makes it all happen, and I truly believe that if you truly understand your adhesive, you will slay your lash game. 

I have spent years researching each component of typical lash adhesive, including manufacturing processes, health studies, toxicity, optimal practices - you name it, I've researched the hell out of it. I am an expert in lash retention and client lash health because of my adhesive knowledge. 

And now I want to share that with you!

I recently hosted an exclusive, limited-time LIVE training where I shared all my experience and knowledge about our adhesive, and answered tons of Q&A's! I've now taken that training and turned it into a convenient online training bundle you'll have access to for life! If you've ever wanted to learn the science behind our coveted black liquid, this is the training for you!

I can't wait for you to up-level!!



What can you expect from this training?

  • Over 90 minutes of video training explaining all the science and answering questions so you feel confident in your knowledge!

    • The video includes a fun science experiment about exothermic reactions which will blow your mind!

  • An in-depth printable PDF summary of the training with extra goodies so you feel like a pro when it comes to your lash glue!

  • A scientific study confirming all the facts (for all those lash nerds like me)! Don't just take it from me - read it from the experts!

  • Two data safety and fact sheets straight from a manufacturer! I want you to have the best information available!

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What some of my Queens are saying!


Your Investment:

One payment for lifetime access to exclusive training and content for only: 

$21.00 USD

About your Training Host

My name is Amber Young and I am a Luxury Lash Artist and Lash Master who helps frustrated and struggling lash artists hone their lash skills and build Lash Queen confidence to help elevate their lash knowledge and business

I began to pursue a lash career in late 2014 and immediately found myself falling in love with the industry. I quickly built up my clientele and started gaining confidence in my skills. After about a year of lashing, three certifications under my belt and lots of money spent, I was still frustrated about the lack of clarity surrounding volume and mastering techniques to become the skillful and sought-after business owners we all desire to be. I decided to begin researching on my own about techniques, tools, procedures and practices in the volume lash industry that are instrumental in making a lash artist successful!

I've since created my own detailed lash curriculum for classic and volume training, focusing on lash foundations to ensure my students leave armed with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their lash business. I maintain a full-time lash clientele and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills and sharing these skills with my lash students because I am passionate about uplifting and raising the standards in the lash community. I have compiled the top, most important foundational techniques for gaining Lash Queen confidence in this 3-day training to help lash artists up-level their skills and knowledge for a confident and successful lash business.


What happens next ?


After completing payment, you'll be sent an email with all of the links and information to access your "Stuck on Glue" training bundle! Keep this email in a sage place so you have all the info to continue to go back and refer to the materials - they're yours forever!


Be sure to add to your safe senders and join the Facebook group,

Confessions of a Lash Queen for further support!

​This training is a DIY package, meaning you're free to use and implement the information provided in whatever way you see fit. Model it, customize it, make it your own or don't-- it's up to you!

If you utilize these trainings fully and take the advice, tips, tricks & strategies to heart,

they will have a substantial and life-changing impact on your skills, business, clientele & income for years to come.


"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards that goal."

2020 Amber Young All Rights Reserved

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