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Just Start...

💥JUST START💥 📷@cheriecphotography . Starting is hard, especially if you don't have all the answers. . I have been working tirelessly on rebranding my business and my vision of what I want my success to look like. I have visualized and journaled about the amazing women I will serve and impact. It hasn't been easy navigating what I want to put out, what I think will resonate with my target audience, and letting go of the past reputation I built for myself. I think now, it was because I was thinking too much about what I SHOULD put out, rather than what felt good and my whole energy could get behind. . Truth is...there are no answers. There's no set guideline or handbook telling you each step to make, when to make it, and what the outcome will be. This process means trying and failing as many times as it takes until you succeed! To trust in what you are doing, and know that what you are striving for will be heard and the right people will find you. Starting is hard, putting yourself out there is hard, but unless we take the risks and push those boundaries, and leap into the unknown, things will never change. We will stay stuck in the exact same position where we are unhappy and wishing for more, instead of going out and creating that better life and that success for ourselves.

I get it though... just starting is a huge leap of faith. But isn't having faith in yourself the best kind to have? To trust yourself, knowing you will make the decisions best for you and your loved ones? When we talk about manifestation, one of the most frustrating things to hear is 'just work on your mindset' or 'have a positive mindset, always keep your thoughts positive'. And if you are feeling frustrated on what to do, you are told to go meditate and work on your mindset. Which, yes, you should be aligned with what you want to do, but if you take no ACTION, how are you able to keep the mindset aligned? So, take one step, do ONE thing toward your goals and watch how things begin to open up for you. Celebrate those little steps because they all add up to the big picture, they all propel you forward toward you results. One of my coaches has said, "Leap and the net will appear" - Lauren Saunders

I know I am meant for more in this life. I am meant to make an impact, to awaken the sleeping feminine power within myself and others. I know you are meant for more, and we are capable of great things, monumental things if we are willing to take one leap. Yes, I am getting woo-woo on you but deep down in my gut, I can feel the changes the world is begging us to make, I can feel Goddess waiting to be released, for us to harness our feminine power and take back our divinity, our right to be ourselves, our right to express our authenticity and to serve others!

So just start, Queens! 👑 Trust yourself. As we take those risks the answers will come, the right steps will become clear. It's up to you to make the changes. 'Starting is Messy. Start anyway'

I love you.

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