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I'm sorry for being 'ME"


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Okay, we all know there are definitely times we need to apologize. But being authentically yourself is NOT one of them. And I don't understand why societal norms condition us to feel like we should apologize for being out-spoken, sexy, opinionated, talented... whatever we are.

I see women all the time apologizing for "offending" someone for posting a sexy picture (some may even not like me posting this one🤣) or for being outspoken, or dressing a certain way, or for being too much, or expressing an opinion they deem controversial. It's ridiculous!

The phrase "I'm sorry you feel that way" or "I didn't mean to" or even deleting a post after backlash makes an appearance is a popular response on social media and it's so....stupid! It is.

From personal experience, I can tell you how detrimental that feeling is - when I'd get comments/dm's telling me I was selfish for focusing on my looks, or that I was desperate for attention, I would be defeated and feel ashamed or guilty because I felt it was somehow MY responsibility to help manage other people's feelings, regardless if I was happy, excited or proud about what I was doing. I want to make this clear....YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE'S FEELINGS BUT YOUR OWN! It is not your job to make other people feel good or to babysit their opinions - that's a 'them' problem. That may sound harsh, but it's true. Your post or blog or simply the way you live your life does not change the way other people live their lives, and if it does, it's because that person allowed themselves to be affected or influenced by you - be it good or bad.

It has become too easy to react to other people from behind a keyboard and screen. And there isn't an end in sight. Social media and online influence is here to stay. So it is up to us - whether we express ourselves solely online or not - to build up our self-assurance and remember "what other people think of you is none of your business" (@RupaulOfficial)

When negativity and backlash happen, I want you to pause, take a breath and remind yourself it's a projection of their insecurities and opinions. It has NOTHING to do with you and who you are.

Focus on the people you want to serve, your ideal audience and those people that support and love you! Your energy should be focused on you and those people that support you. As a coach, speaker and author, I do not create or post anything to 'appease' or change the opinion of those that have come at me negatively. My business, my influence and who I am has nothing to do with them! It's for YOU! It's for those humans that come to my platforms to be inspired, for a reminder and even permission to be their most authentic selves.

💥You are allowed to feel good.

💥You are allowed to be successful and talented.

💥You are allowed to be sexy, alluring and beautiful.

💥You are allowed to have a voice.

So again, STOP APOLOGIZING! You should never apologize for being true to yourself, your passions and what you love! Be your authentic self! Don't let anyone tell you what you should post, be, say, wear, do or how to act! The only responsibility you have is to YOU. Period. Be your authentic, Queen self because you are worthy. Post the photo, say things, start the business, BE YOU.

Our purpose in life is to push to be the most authentic, best version's ourselves. How can we do that when we are constantly worried about what others are going to say or if they approve?


This is your official "Permission" - Be you. Love yourself. Harness your power, and live like the Queen you are. You are meant for more.




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