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Girls compete with each other. QUEENS empower each other.


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The only competition you have is with the woman you were yesterday. We've heard this a lot but it's true. Comparison is a fact of life - I understand this, but why do we feel the need to bring others or ourselves down for what another Queen is doing?? Her success does not, and WILL NOT determine your success. She is hustling just like you are, she has a back story just like you do. So why not celebrate her success WITH HER. Empower her, let her know that you recognize her success and you see how hard she's working, or acknowledge that you know the work she's put in, because you're doing it too.


We talk about Woman Empowerment a lot on social media nowadays, but there is still judgements, finger pointing, shaming and ridicule toward anyone who is living their version of their best life, being authentic and unapologetic. So if there is this big surge of talking about women empowerment, is anything changing? I was out with a friend earlier this week, and we were talking about my business and what I wanted to accomplish with it, and we got on the topic of women shaming and how a lot of women still do it! They put down other women for what they post on social, what they wear, how they look, how they pose - they're fake, they're too tan, they're lips are too big, they're trying too hard...What kind of nonsense is this??? Does bitching about another women change that woman? Does it affect your life in ANY way what she does? Does it trigger jealousy or insecurity in some way and makes you feel better to bring that women down?

Hmm. Food for thought.

I for one CELEBRATE women, in everything they do! No judgments because what you are doing in your life is amazing, and has nothing to do with my success, emotions, feelings or decisions!! I am and always will be inspired for the amazing women I choose to follow and interact with!

You worked hard for that endorsement deal? You go, Queen!

Worked hard for the body and want to show it off? You go, Queen!

Got new boobs and feel amazing? You go, Queen!

Quit your job and are building a business? You go, Queen!

Living your best life, posting what and when you want, not giving a f*k what other people do/say/think about you? YOU F*KING GO, QUEEN!!!

We are all pushing for success, to build dreams and be the ideal version of ourselves! For me that means feeling sexy AF, living in sensual and feminine energy, being my own cheerleader and building a Queen empire designed to help women become their own version of a feminine POWERHOUSE.

I admire any boss babe who goes after what she wants, pushing her own boundaries and radiates Royalty! That means YOU! I celebrate and recognize your greatness, your power, your feminine sensuality and I KNOW you are capable of anything you want to achieve.

Yeah, it takes effort and energy, it takes dedication and sacrifice but QUEEN - you are the only obstacle standing in your way! You are your only competition. Don't let the little egotistical voice in your head limit you. By empowering others, you are confirming to yourself that you ARE a Queen, you are limitless and you are unleashing yourself fully!

You are fierce. You are powerful. You are a Queen. 👑👑




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