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Lifetime Access on How to Gain Lash Queen Confidence & Conquer F.E.A.R. to build a booked-out lash biz and make the money you've always wanted to.

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3-hours of Lash Master Training:

  • Why there are so many struggling artists out there

  • Key tips & techniques to help you gain pro skills quickly

  • Confidence and pro skills to attract your dream clients

A Special Mindset Training  on Overcoming F.E.A.R:

(False Evidence Appearing Real)

  • Delving into the fears that hold us back as entrepreneurs and how to deconstruct them

  • Crushing the negative evidence and following your intuition for inevitable success

2 PDF Downloads of my most coveted lash tips:

  • The tips and Techniques I use daily in my lash practice to keep me successful and booked out!

A deep-dive workbook into deconstructing your fears:

  • What is holding you back from having Lash Queen confidence? 

  • Discovering your inner power to conquer those fears to become the profitable Lash Queen you are!

Are you ready to gain Lash Queen Confidence?

What do I mean by that, exactly?

Confidence itself has many ways to be used but all stem from the same definition:

"the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust."

"the state of feeling certain about the truth of something."

"a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own            abilities or qualities."


I want you to re-read those definitions. Look at those words.


I have spent the last 5 years of my lashing career researching, testing, theorizing and incorporating EVERYTHING I could possibly learn into my practice so each one of those words is INSTILLED in me. Lashes are my passion, and I wouldn't be the successful lash Queen I am if I wasn't confident in my skills and knowledge. I wouldn't have returning clients. I wouldn't have been able to build my lash empire without being confident! 💜

I have a BELIEF and FIRM TRUST in my skills and knowledge. I am CERTAIN in my ability. I live and speak my TRUTH. I have a strong SELF-ASSURANCE in my capabilities.

Success is inevitable.

This is the level I want you to get to. This is the type of self-talk I want you to be able to say to yourself every day.

This bundle is designed to help you bring your skills up to that level of confidence, arming you with the tools and knowledge to continue building your business and make money!!

Your goals are attainable. Your dreams are achievable. Believe it, and your success is inevitable. 


If we are not confident in ourselves and our skills, how can we expect our clients to have confidence in us? 

Girl, I've been there. I've been the tech that repeatedly asked my clients liked their lashes - "Do you like them? Are you sure? We can always fix them the next time."

Now our clients go away thinking....well, what's wrong with my lashes? Did she not do a good job? She seemed unsure.... I probably won't re-book...

I have 100% lost clients this way and I don't want this to happen to you! 

This is why I created this bundle - to give you a solid start to feeling great, confident in yourself and your skills so you can attract those dream clients, build a booked out business and MAKE MONEY. 

The total combined value for all the training: $115

This is the last chance to grab this training bundle before it's gone!

Your Investment:

One payment for lifetime access to exclusive training and content for

only: $97 USD  $27 USD 

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Meet Your Lash Confidence Coach


My name is Amber Young and I am a Luxury Lash Artist and Lash Master who helps frustrated and struggling lash artists hone their lash skills and build Lash Queen confidence to help elevate their lash knowledge and business

I began to pursue a lash career in late 2014 and immediately found myself falling in love with the industry. I quickly built up my clientele and started gaining confidence in my skills. After about a year of lashing, three certifications under my belt and lots of money spent, I was still frustrated about the lack of lash basics and fundamentals missing from each course, as well as the absence of a supportive community and continued mentorship for newly certified artists to become the skillful and sought-after business owners they desire to be. I decided to begin researching on my own about techniques, tools, procedures and practices in the lash industry that are instrumental in making a lash artist successful, but are not commonly taught in typical one- or two-day lash courses.

I've since created my own detailed lash curriculum for classic and volume training, focusing on lash foundations to ensure my students leave armed with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their lash business. I continue to maintain a full-time lash clientele and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills and sharing those skills with my lash students because I'm passionate about uplifting and raising the standards in the lash community. I have compiled the top, most important foundational skills for gaining Lash Queen confidence and successfully launched a 4-week program to help lash artists up-level their skills and knowledge for a confident and successful lash business and am so excited to now launch this bundle. 

What happens next ?


After completing payment, you'll also be sent an email with all of the links and information to access your training bundle, and so you have all the info to continue to go back and refer to the materials - they're yours forever!

Be sure to add to your safe senders and join the Facebook group,

Confessions of a Lash Queen for further support!

This training is here for you to work through and complete at your own pace, however and whenever you choose.

The Lash Queen Confidence bundle is a DIY package, meaning you're free to use and implement the information provided in whatever way you see fit. Model it, customize it, make it your own or don't-- it's up to you!

If you utilize these trainings fully and take the advice, tips, tricks & strategies to heart,

they will have a substantial and life-changing impact on your business, clientele & income for years to come.

"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards that goal."

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