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The free 2-day online training event:

The Lash Queen Livestream 2.0

Two days to fast-track the lashing techniques, skill & confidence you need to build a loyal clientele and thriving full-time lash biz.



This training took place - FRIDAY, JANUARY 1 & SATURDAY, JANUARY 2 @ 2PM EST and is no longer available live. 

I'd love to have you join the Lash Queen community! Click the link below!

I know we are all busy during this time of year, but I want us to start 2021 off with a bang! What better way to that than to level-up in our lash skills! In this FREE 2-day Lash Queen Livestream, I will share:

  • What you need to know about lashing to become a confident and highly sought-after lash artist who is able to quickly make a lucrative career out of doing what she loves (even if you still feel like a total newbie at it)

  • Where to focus your time & energy so you can build your lashing skill, A-S-A-P

  • The little-known & game-changing lashing techniques (that WEREN'T taught in your certification program) that will make building your skill way faster and easier and help you feel WAY more confident as a lash artist

  • The key reasons why so many newly-certified lash artists don't feel prepared, confident or skillful enough to gain the clientele they deserve straight out of their certification (hint hint: you weren't truly set up for success, but we're about to change that!)

  • How to quickly become a pro at key skills like isolation, retention and filling those pesky tiny inner lashes without breaking a sweat

  • How to build both your skill & confidence quickly so that your dream clients book with YOU over your competition, and continue to support your business for years to come

Ready to explode your skill, confidence and income as a master lash artist?

About your Training Host

My name is Amber Young and I am a Luxury Lash Artist and Lash Master who helps frustrated and struggling lash artists hone their lash skills and build Lash Queen confidence to help elevate their lash knowledge and business

I began to pursue a lash career in late 2014 and immediately found myself falling in love with the industry. I quickly built up my clientele and started gaining confidence in my skills. After about a year of lashing, three certifications under my belt and lots of money spent, I was still frustrated about the lack of clarity surrounding volume and mastering techniques to become the skillful and sought-after business owners we all desire to be. I decided to begin researching on my own about techniques, tools, procedures and practices in the volume lash industry that are instrumental in making a lash artist successful!

I've since created my own detailed lash curriculum for classic and volume training, focusing on lash foundations to ensure my students leave armed with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their lash business. I maintain a full-time lash clientele and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills and sharing these skills with my lash students because I am passionate about uplifting and raising the standards in the lash community. I have compiled the top, most important foundational techniques for gaining Lash Queen confidence in this 3-day training to help lash artists up-level their skills and knowledge for a confident and successful lash business.

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