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Become the Queen you Deserve to be...

My Queen. Yes, you. You are a Queen. 

💥You are allowed to feel good.
💥You are allowed to be successful and talented.
💥You are allowed to be sexy, alluring and beautiful.
💥You are allowed to have a voice.

Give yourself permission to be proud of yourself, to be authentic and true to yourself. Live your life fully and be happy!

It is time to awaken our feminine energy. I know, I know. That's a little too woo-woo for most people, but I firmly believe it's true.

Humanity is one of the only species that considers the female the weaker of the sexes....And society, social norms, a patriarchal hierarchy have all confirmed this and CONDITIONED women to feel and act like the weaker sex. It is simply not true! We are amazing, powerful, LIFE CREATING Goddesses, and we need to recognize how much we are capable of!


You have so much untapped power within you. So much raw, sexual and feminine energy that can make you unstoppable! I want to show you and teach you how to give yourself permission to be the Queen you are! To make the decision daily to allow that ideal version of you to come out and be present!!! Click the link below to grab your copy of my FREE workbook - Become the Queen You Deserve. 

It's time to unlock your inner Queen. Are you with me?

Starting is never easy. Putting yourself out there is never easy. (1).png

Hey babe! My name is Amber Young
I am a Self Acceptance & Femininity coach, speaker and author. It is my passion in life to help women like you step into your QUEEN power, Know your worth and decide you deserve to feel like Royalty 

I resonate so hard with this. It’s one thing to recognize you are worthy, but to KNOW it entirely, with your whole self is another. So, listen up! YOU ARE A QUEEN!
There are ENDLESS references of women who’s raw sensual energy propelled them to power and success!

🤍Helen of Troy – the face that launched a thousand ships. So beautiful, so confident and powerful she literally had men going off to war for her.
🤍Cleopatra, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt, used her femininity to influence powerful Roman politicians. She is the epitome of the femme fatale – like a pair of red-sole stilettos, beautiful, sexy and a little intimidating.

Why are we so afraid to show it, to USE it? To feel amazing every day in our lives knowing we are Queens and have immense power just beneath the surface. I get that society, social media and crappy influence has shaped the way we feel about our image. And there are those that are ridiculed and shamed for being beautiful, sexy, alluring and living as their true selves. The words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are thrown around a lot – I CELEBRATE these women!! Some of the most influential women in my life are big-boobed bombshells who take sexy photos, model lingerie and promote sexiness…and I LOVE IT! Not because they are shaking their ta-tas on social media, but because they are being authentically themselves and using their sensuality to fuel their confidence and propel them forward!

Remember how powerful you are, Queen. Never forget that the woman you want to be is there, inside you ALWAYS. It's just up to you to release her. I'm here to help and I don't hold back! 

Are you ready?

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